Tablet PC revolution

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In the world of computing, 2009 was the year of the netbooks and laptops mini. The majority of traditional computer companies along with companies not as well came out with small computer devices within the range of 300 - $500. Year 2010 on the other hand, is expected to be the year of the tablet PC Mini laptops are a category of laptops that are lighter and smaller portable regular and they are not suitable for processing intensive applications such as movie playing. Tablet PC Teams are more like mini laptop with touch screen technology.

Some large companies such as HP, Sony, lenovo revealed since there are plans for Tablet PC in CES(Consumer_Electronics_Show) 2010. In addition, Microsoft has placed behind his weight in HP model that supports the operating system of Windows 7. On the other hand, Apple is also rumored that comes out with their own version of the device. It is expected that this device can make computing more complex as Apple would like to s of Tablet PCthat will be used to cover normal computing needs and not only to read books or as a multimedia device.

Apple could use more complex finger gestures with the Tablet, which would of course increase learning time but they could be just the trick to the main team of the tablet PC in the House.

2010 could also see companies by launching several Internet and consumer entertainment devices. This could include tablet PC, some touch screen based on mobile internet or some kind of readers ebook or smartphone devices. In general the market of mobile internet devices would be more crowded. There would be many companies with different models of readers of eBooks, tablet PC and smartphones, confuse the user much more. This competition among the companies could also to be a silver lining in the cloud as it would ensure that prices of new devices not to go through the roof. One thing is certain, that these technological inventions would have a definitive change in the way of working and managing our lives. One of these technologies could also be the future of how to calculate and communicate.

From the series HP TC1100 , HP has released a series of tablet PC that is also known as hybrids. These laptops are good for use in places where work with a mouse and a keyboard is often difficult, for example, when lying in bed. With a Tablet PC , you don't have to worry about keyword multiple language versions. The only drawback at the moment is the cost, we can expect reduced as competition in the segment increases.

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