Seven notes of thought for you before you buy a cheap Tablet PC

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All our friends are thinking of buying a cheap and affordable computer Tablet PC now. There are many options out there. What must we consider before making our decision?

(1) Objective
First of all we must think about what kind of purpose we want to use the tablet PC. Could it be for the job? Could it be for entertainment? Or is it the blend of both? What type of application we like to use to help us? The above questions would be the main point that guide us. For example, you must often make a long job of writing, we buy new and more effective tablet PC with a detachable keyboard? If you are a designer and likely to make use of the cheap tablet PC for the drawing, it is recommended you buy the iPad because iPad special paint brush drawing. Android does not have this kind of support at this time. If browsing flash sites very often, it would be better if you choose Android 2.2 or more because they support flash.

(2) Platform of
IOS and Android are the mainstream market. Both have pros and cons. The number of Apps, Apple iOS have an advantage because they have more apps than Android. However, is a trend that more and more developers android will receive the industry. In another aspect, Android comes with an advantage in making use of Google related to the product. People found that some of the Google applications are milder that run on the android tablet PC. In addition, iPad does not currently support flash. (If the team do not jailbreak) However, Android 2.2 or compatible with flash.

(3) Size of the screen
The size is usually about 7 centimeters to 10 centimeters. Once again, it depends on its use. If you wish to use to read eBook, consult the casual e-mail and play mini games to pass the time. There can be no need to choose a 10-inch one. It is because the greater the screen, generally the heaviest weight and it is difficult to place inside a bag. In addition, the greater screen size Tablet PC is usually relatively expensive.
If you usually use the cheap tablet PC for work, probably you should buy one with bigger screen because it gives a much more comfortable experience for long hours use.

(4) Resistant / capacitive touchscreen?
Some of the touchscreen is resistant type while some from the touch screen is capacitive type. They can affect your browsing experience. People often found capacitive touchscreen is more sensitive. However, it is relatively fragile.

Hardware (5)
To begin with, the power of the CPU is really a factor. This affects the performance of running applications. Another important factor is whether is through Wifi or 3 G to connect to the internet. If you are accessing internet banking often and prefer greater security, it would be better to choose the 3 G built in Tablet PC. New and more effective Tablets are in possession of HDMI output and can exit the screen to some big TVs beautiful. It can be good for you to make the presentation.

(6) Battery of
How long will battery last? If you are going to use for long hours on the road, it is very important. It may need to carry an extra battery or battery charger.

(7) The rate of
Generally apple product is relatively expensive. On the other hand, Android Tablet PC platform is usually comparatively cheaper.

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