HCL Tablet Sakshat with good features

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Sakshat HCL Tablet comes in 5, 7, and 10-inch screen sizes. It has 2 GB of RAM standard. Also features as a PDF reader, unzip, WiFi, camera, USB connectivity and surfing the Internet.


HCL, the manufacturer of the portable standard comes with a tablet PC, seeking in its popularity and to provide the user interface based on the web in the form of a Tablet PC. They are waiting to offer a new Tablet PC experience to its customers as a price surprisingly cheap.


HCL is trying to produce a portable device that can be accessible anywhere. This design of Tablet PC is slowly getting popularity in India. Sakshat HCL Tablet will be available in 5, 7 and 10 inches of screen size to provide flexible portability to its users. The chassis is constructed of good quality plastic and design in general is good.The LCD touch screen is nice and is intended for horizontal orientation. The screen has a thin bezel of more conventional plastic. Hardware controls sit below the screen. It includes three hardware buttons and a navigation pad round. The edges are all the ports of connectivity and Sockets including the USB ports. The back has a camera lens.

Main features:

The Sakshat HCL Tablet project is assumed by HCL Technologies in collaboration with the Government of the India as a special risk. The entire project is covered by the awareness of technical education among the people of the India. It is manufactured with a view to internet and computers available for students who can not afford a PC or a laptop. The Tablet is a handheld device that has basic features of computing and connectivity. But the features are enough for most users, especially an infant school. The Tablet runs on a basic Linux system that is specially designed for the purpose. The device will be equipped with 2 GB of RAM memory which will be sufficient for basic computing. Connectivity wise, will be equipped with Wi-Fi by what you can connect to the internet if you're near a Wi-Fi point. It will have a USB port for synchronization with other devices and an integrated camera to click on images.


With browsing Internet and files Reader PDF can be a functional device for people who work with non-governmental organizations in the villages. It is designed for rural areas, is designed for a consumption minimum (Announces 2 watt TDP) which can operate with battery for long hours.


If you are looking for Super fast multi-tasking and features high-end stylish, this isn't for you.


With its huge touchscreen, virtual keyboard, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support is a magical device that will be available at a very affordable price. It is ideal for those who want the benefits of internet and software within a limited infrastructure. It will connect to the world without demanding more. You can buy and check Sakshat HCL Tablet price online.

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