Android Tablet: The Freedom of Choice

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First there was the iPad and now comes the Android Tablet. This product innovation is really giving Apple run for their money. Fans harp on one significant point that converted iPad users into Android fanatics - the freedom of choice.

A lot were pretty amazed when Steve Jobs wowed the audience with a demo of what others deemed as Apple's bigger version of the iPhone. Look ma, no keyboard! It's touchscreen technology made flicking fun pages. It combined child's play with the latest technology. Just like any other invention, someone is bound to improve on it. The iPad, they said, doesn't support Adobe Flash, does not have any USB ports or a built-in camera. Plus the price may be a little over the average student's budget.

Google knew this and developed the Android. This operating system made it easier and cheaper for other companies to develop products that gave solutions to the limitations of the iPad. With this system in place, the market became flooded with tablets of various sizes, features and price ranges. Tablet PCs in the market to date vary in display sizes. The smallest so far is the 5 inch touchscreen of the Dell Streak. Different computer companies came up with their own sizes such as the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP Slate 500 at 8.9 inches, and the 10.1 inch Superpad, to name a few. The ICD Vega is touted to have the largest display screen at 15.6 inches.

Innovative features were also added to the different Android Tablet PCs. When it comes to screen resolution, the Motorola Xoom with its resolution at 1280 x 800 is the clearest even defeating the iPad with resolution at 1024 x 768.

There are a lot of other features that make each product tablet apart from their competitors such as the amount of disk space, availability of different ports making it compatible with other computer products, its upgradeability and even its weight.

Prices for an Android tablet varies. For the budget conscious consumer, shopping online for brand new tablets can be quite rewarding since decent tablets can be bought for even less than USD 100. If splurging on a tablet will make a buyer happy, the highest amount one can expect to shell out is over USD1, 000. With this in mind, the iPad at USD400 over can be classified as mid-range.

While loyal iPad users will not exchange this particular tablet with anything else that is in the market today, they too must admit that Android tablets offer choices that their fave mobile equipment does not have. Will the buying public benefit from product innovations and features? Why not? In any form of market competition, in the end, the consumers will have much to gain. And this is what an Android tablet offers – the freedom of choice.

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