HCL Sakshat Tablet - The Cheapest Tablet

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This comes as a surprise to all Tablet lovers, as this is the cheapest tablet in the world and comes with all the technical specifications that come in a normal tablet. The tablet has been a much awaited device by the country's tech-savvy people. The HCL Sakshat Tablet comes with great looks and advanced technology.

Sakshat is the product of the HCL technology along with the collaboration of the Government of India. The device comes with 5, 7 and 10 inch touch screen. The device is oriented to facilitate the schools, colleges and universities in the country with the e-learning program through the existing sakshat portal. The gadget will run on Linux and some might use the Android and will be equipped with a 2 GB LP-DDR memory. The Sakshat tablet can support multimedia content viewer as well as video web conferencing facilities.

The tablet PC is designed to give a tough body and comes with rugged casing and feels like rubber. The device comes preinstalled with Wi-Fi and loaded with Ethernet ability so as to enhance the internet. You will also find the Subscriber identity module card slot that will consume only 2 watts of power. Another interesting feature in the tablet is the solar charging option that comes with the device. This would certainly help you in saving you bills and also help you when there are power cuts. Apart from this it is helpful even in colleges and schools where there is no electricity.

The HCL Sakshat tablet price is Rs. 1500 approximately and is apparently affordable by all. You will find a mother board has been built0in the tablet pc. The other features are the QWERTY keyboard, 7 inch color LCD/TFT, mouse etc are some of the features that are available in the tablet. There are 2 USB ports and ESB hosts in the HCL tablet. This gives you access to three hours of uninterrupted operation and is made possible by the battery. The device supports a minimum of 8 GB memory and allows users to store more.

The HCL tablet is great for use in the rural areas and for NGO's who work in such areas and need a longer battery life even without electricity. The device comes with internet browsing and PDF file reader. The display is huge and offers virtual keyboard. Therefore if anybody wants to have a software and internet within the limited infrastructure, this is it. It can connect you to the world and within minimum requirements.

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