A new Toshiba Tablet: the Thrive 7

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It is via blogeee.net that one learns the arrival in the us of a new version of the Toshiba Thrive, in format 7 inches (against 10.1 inches for the previous model that we had seen in the 2011 IFA Berlin). This tablet is sold $379.99 us, and will benefit from a configuration known as "classical" for a touch tablet, namely:

Nvidia Tegra 2 processor to 1GhzR√©solution of 1200 × 8001Go RAM16Go durUne camera before San disk, rear of rocking in HD 720pUne perfect connections 1 microUSB / 1 microSD / 1 mini HDMi / 1 connector dockWiFi and Bluetooth 2 1Gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, GPSBatterie 6 (pas terrible) 1.2 cm thick the new Toshiba Trhive 7 Tablet

Not info regarding a possible exit in France, it keeps you informed:)

Source: Blogeee.net

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