Warming up to tablets

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When s iPadcame out first, frankly I didn't need another gadget. Does not seem to to provide me the possibility of achieving more than what my notebook and netbook already do. Then other companies have in the car with their own s tablet, making it very difficult to ignore or reject this trend. I did a little research and you chose the Toshiba Thrive. It seemed to have everything I wanted to, and since I'm not much of an Apple person (okay, admit that) I was happy to buy something outside "Mac World".

Do the part of the sky and the trees bow down when turned on my tablet? Not really. It came from here and there, they downloaded a card game and thought it was "cute".

Several days more than put this and that downloading free apps, set up my e-mail and calendar accounts and customize the configuration of my have definitely changed my attitude. I'm finding more and more, I can make with my tablet, and we really appreciate the long battery life, portability and "in the moment".

In addition, I have discovered something miraculous. I actually spent 24 hours without touching my computer once. During that time, composed and had answered emails, instant message my friends and families, scheduled appointments and review my social environment, I usually do on my computer. Apart from this, I finished crossword perplexed, read a book, took photos, control the climate, full in my food diary, saw a video on YouTube, posted on Facebook, read blogs and online shopping.

Are tablets toys, then? Yes and no: really are a useful marriage of the working tool and toy. Because I have several pages of home, I group my icons accordingly. A menu screen has several business applications - work in email from Outlook, calendar, contacts; Extract the files from dropbox and display them in a variety of ways; charge my customers with my credit card processing application, update my customer relationship management database; and update my business fan page.

Other menu screens have icons of music, video, books, games, maps, health and fitness, and anything else that is interesting meeting.

Are there disadvantages? Is used for the operating system Windows, now I had to drive my way around a new city - Android; But having a droid phone my feet are wet. There is no slot for CD / DVD, but not necessary since anything that you want to add is downloaded or connected through one of the available ports.

It is not perfect and there is no room for improvement, but I warmed to Tablets considerably. For those people who never really took much of a brightness to computers, tabletare user friendly, fast and much more fun; for business owners, now you can take your business on the road comfortably (especially to any of the downloaded GPS applications!). In fact, I'll say that a permanent person who would not benefit from a limb there is.

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