Motorola Xoom boasts some fine touches that make it a unique tablet device

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The Motorola Xoom is just one of a series of devices tablet that has been recently published. It's an area of the market that is highly competitive with the expected format to sell 50 million units this year, which comes only. Although this is below the 346 million units to the traditional format of PC sold in 2010, demonstrate how s Tabletslowly eating into the market share of domestic equipment that currently enjoys laptops and PC. Although the Apple iPad is the unit that has been responsible for much of this boom a number of other manufacturers have followed their steps with different levels of success. One of the best devices is the Motorola Xoom, a Tablet PC which has some superb touches which put it ahead of the competition.

The design of the Tablet is an area where the Xoom really stand out. There the screen is surrounded by a minimum bevel which means glass display almost touches the sides of the chassis. This allows the unit to get your big screen 10.1 in a very compact frame. It is obvious that the developers spent much time designing this model as the agreement all seems well thought out. Take for example the power/lock button, this is perfectly positioned just where one of you fingers naturally rest save the user need to tilt and rotate the device to block or turn off the device. Different ports that offers the Xoom also are all located on the lower edge of the body. Not only does this keep agree that out them of the way in the everyday use but makes it possible to add a docking station to improve the presentation.

A really attractive feature of the Motorola Xoom is runs on an operating system that is designed with devices tablet in mind. Unlike units such as the iPad basically offering the iOS that can be found on the iPhones, the Xoom uses Android 3.0 which provides a wonderful graphical interface among a multitude of other custom features made for a large screen. The appearance of multi touch screen also above that much of the competition can offer. Multi Touch refers to the ability of the screen to register more than one touch at the same time. It is a feature that is common in mobile phones, but is even more important in these larger units of the screen as it is often more practical to use both hands as opposed to a mobile phone where you can do this only occasionally. The touch of multiple in the Xoom supports up to ten individual touches, allowing better interaction with the Tablet.

Despite lacking the prestige that is associated with the iPad or the sales figures which boasted by the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Xoom seems the device of choice for the connoisseur of Tablet PC , the person he considered decisions and they simply do not follow the crowd. The unit offers some excellent ideas that although individual are only small things, together combine to deliver a delicious experience all round.

Blackberry Playbook and Motorola Xoom coming soon.

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