Asus Eee PC Touch T91 Tablet Netbook review (touch screen of 8.9 inches)

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Specifications: With ignition of the revolution in netbook, Asus has deployed another model of netbook that is configured to take over the computer world by storm. Introduction Asus Eee PC Touch T91 tablet netbook. It is as small as a netbook, looks like a netbook, but it comes with a touch screen of 8.9 inches dynamic. The 8.9 inch touch screen is a screen LED backlit with a resolution of 1024 x 600. This model comes with an Intel Atom Z520 (1.33 Ghz), 1 GB of RAM and a hard drive 16 GB (with 20 GB of online storage). This may seem a little small by the standards of the hard drive, but is more than enough for those of use who use our netbooks to browse network, word processing and light applications.

Design: Asus Eee PC touch T91 is black in color with a glossy black housing. It is extremely small and lightweight, weighs only 2.11 pounds with battery and measure 8.77 x 6.39 x 0.98 inches. You can rotate the touch screen of 8.9 inches and multiple angles and can even be flipped over toward the outside. This is one of the more portable tablet PC never hit the market!

Features and performance: Taking into account its modest set of specifications, the Asus Eee PC touch T91 has managed to impress with its features and performance. This model batteries can last up to 5 hours on a charge. The touch screen was also very fun to use. It comes with a set of custom applications to support writing on the screen and other forms of navigation with touch screen. You can use the stylus or fingers to navigate using the touch screen. At the time of writing, this model is selling around of $497 each, at a price that is incredible for a tablet. Many of the leading tech publications have given the Asus Eee PC touch T91 a solid 4-star rating!

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