Touch screen tablets: is that the new Kindle Color ready for Prime Time?

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The Kindle Fire, did you know that it belongs to a family of Kindles? It is the fourth generation of the Kindle that recently debuted and of course it is asking to be pre-ordered. Did you pre-order your Kindle Color? I did. After watching a video of the demo for Amazon's newest tablet to the ongoing tablet war, I had to have one.

I am prepared to tell you why the Kindle Fire is the way to go if you are seriously considering a tablet purchase. Because of the unique features it seems really exciting and intriguing to at least try it. The next question is whether it is an iPad killer. I'm not for sure because the iPad has a lot going for itself in terms of apps, size, its features and not to mention a whole lot of sales under its belt. The reason the Kindle Fire is an awesome interesting buy is because:

It is still portable.Obviously you can easily carry it in one hand, purse or book bag. I like that aspect because Amazon is still showing consideration to the consumer and of course practicality.

The device is in color. This not only gives the Nook Color some competition but will advance Amazon's hold on the tablet market. Amazon's Kindle is already the number one selling portable tablet in the market. What do you think the Kindle Fire will do for their sales?.

Cost wise it is to die for.All the rumors had put the Kindle Fire for sale for $399 price tag, but Amazon managed to keep the price reasonable under $200 dollars.

The above reasons are why I gingerly worked my wallet out of my pocket and pre-ordered the Kindle Fire. Now, for the best part, the delicious tidbits. Did you know the device has the following features?

Technical Features. The new Kindle 4 has a dual core 1GHz, TI OMAP processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a 7" multi-touch display with IPS (in-plane switching) technology with an extra wide viewing angle and anti-reflective treatment, 1024 x 600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi,16 million colors. It also has a USB port for charging the device.

It has all the functions of the Kindle, but in color and more fun stuff added. The Color Kindle plays movies and video, has a fast responsive full desktop web browsing, games (a version of the ever popular Angry Birds may have been thrown in for good measure), users have the ability to listen to music, read newspapers, books and magazines.

Has some multi-tasking functionality: While playing music, users can look at the album cover, view the music track playing and can go to the main screen to browse the web, adjust the device's settings and pause or fast forward their music track to name a few, all while continuing to listen to their music.

Buyers get one month free Prime Membership. allows access to over 10,000 commercial free movies and TV shows. The membership program will cost you $79 a year, but also provides unlimited free two-day shipping and one-day shipping for $3.99 per item on all eligible Amazon purchases.

My name comes on the Kindle? The Kindle Fire is delivered pre-registered. When you first turn on the Kindle Fire you will see your name in the upper left corner of the display, which indicates where all your content is kept on the Amazon Cloud server. All content such as, books, magazines or music purchased from the Amazon store is automatically loaded onto the Cloud server which saves your storage space on the device. The Cloud offers unlimited storage and users can delete or download documents, music, etc. whenever they want.

Pin your favorites on your Kindle Fire display. Users can pin their favorite apps, video, game, books or website to the Bookmark Shelf located in the lower portion of the display. This can be done with a simple touch of your finger.

The new Kindle 4 comes with a really neat movie watching feature. If you're watching a movie, you can pause it and then resume playing the movie on an Instant Video Compatible Device, such as a ROKU or TIVO device..

So, is the Kindle Fire Tablet Really that Great?

Well, it doesn't have a microphone, camera, MicroSD slot or 3G. It comes with Wi-Fi only and has only eight hours of battery life. Although, none of the touch screen tablets on the market are perfect, it just comes down to what you want on a mobile device.

It appears the Amazon Kindle Fire  is off to a good start and deserves consideration. If you loved your first Kindle you've ever bought and it's features, you will love this Kindle Color tablet also. If you would like more reviews on the most popular tablets in the marketplace, visit my website at

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