The Tablet Versus the laptop and Netbook

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There are so many laptop options available to the consumer today which is sometimes difficult to decide what is the best solution for their particular needs. The three main categories of laptops on the market today are laptops, Netbooks and the most recent entry into the market, Tablet PC.

Netbooks and notebooks

When you think of portability, the first thing that comes to the mind of many people is easily how can carry the team from one place to another? For some people a less thick fewer features trade is a viable option. Netbook computers are generally lighter and have a format smaller than the laptop more full featured. A Netbook offers a scale down of the features matrix. They are really good for the use of the internet and social networking applications, but they may lack the processing power of a full-size laptop and aren't especially good to handle heavy tasks, processor and 3D graphics and high definition video.

Portable PC is almost as powerful as desktop PC media. They are excellent for multi-tasking and have the processing power necessary to handle almost any application that needs a typical user. Although some models are bulky and difficult to tote around many now are thinner and lighter than in the past. A disadvantage of the laptop PC is, for the most part, take enough time to boot. Many applications and services must reboot operation is ready for use. Another issue is to have encased standard hard disk drives in the body. Although they are quite reliable, not occasionally. Usually due to all the moving parts inside. Users must be vigilant about the backup of data there are or the risk of losing everything.

Tablet PC PC - combining the best of both worlds

Many Tablet PC has SSD or solid state storage units, which means that everything is stored in a chip or card. There are no moving parts mean less chance of loss of data due to mechanical failures. Tablet PC Make use of a touchscreen input of the PC. Many, like the iPod Touch have a fully-functional virtual keyboard on screen. If a user wishes to a standard keyboard they can be attached. Continuously develop applications for this new market in various platforms of many different software developers.

In general the Tablet PCs combine the best features of laptops, as the power of processing and a variety of applications with the portability and easy access to internet of a Netbook. Many people think that they are the future of portable computing.

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