Tablet PC - is the device of this decade gold rush?

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If the first Apple iPod (do remember the iconic silver and white frame and dim green light glow?) in 2001 was the right digital music player to revolutionize how would be acquired and enjoyed music and then we could also boast of the iPad will do the same for Tablet PCs and how consumers processed their lives on-the-fly.

But it is possible that we are wrong. Although Apple controls 87.4% of the Tablet PC market, according to technology research firm international data (CID), by shipping iPad4.2 s billion dollars during the third quarter of 2010, the dominance of Apple's classic style is likely to erode this year.

In 2011, approximately 44.6 million Tablet computers will be sent several competitors in the world, up from about 17 million for 2010. IDC estimated that U.S. consumers will be shopping up to about 18 million of the solos. IDC also planned that they will be sent units of 70,8 million in 2012.

The rush to develop these Tablet PC by some of the world's most distinguished devices markets is reminiscent of the late 1940s California gold rush. But rather than miners along the slopes of a large piece of the precious metal, manufacturers scrambling to bring their version of a 5 inch by 14 inch size computers that defines the manic el gold rush of the present decade.

A report published by IDC, focusing on the Tablet PC market and e - media readers suggests that demand for these devices is probably larger that any of us imagined. The e-reader market in particular has the numbers to make his official nomination as one of the most popular devices in the 21st century.

For 2010, the IDC report confirmed 10.8 million e-lectores had sent worldwide with United States leading the adoption of this product once again, buying 72.4% of all units. And yet this could only be the beginning. By 2011, IDC believes that this figure of growth of 14.7 million units to 16.6 million units by 2012.

Leaders in the e-reader market are (shipment figures are for the third quarter of 2010):

1 Amazon and its flagship e-reader Kindle, share 1.14 million units of shipment and capture of 41.5% of the market.

2 Pandigital with the Pandigital eReader novel, I send K 44 units and capture 16.1% of the market share.

3 Bookstore Barnes and Noble and your electronic reader Nook K 42 units of shipment and seizure of 15.4% market share.

4 Sony and its Digital reader share K 23 units of shipment and capture of 8.4 per cent of the market.

5 Hanvon WISEreader, sharing and K 23 units of shipment and capture of 8.2 per cent of the market.

Convenience and mobility is the name of the game with tablet PC and e-readers, technology consumers two things can never get enough. As time passes, the market only mature; interfaces of slender user, new releases of function and increased capabilities of processing and functionality remain Tablet PC team and e-book gold rush obsession this decade humming right along.

Tom Copeland is the founder and author of, a web development and management company for small businesses based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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