Omega3 Tablets - Learn 3 Ways Omega3 Tablets Can Really Boost Your Health

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Omega3 tablets are gaining in popularity now, and rightly so given all of the health benefits that they have for you, especially if the omega3 tablets are made from fish oil. The reason I say that is that oil from fish such as tuna and hoki are high in essential fats called EPA and DHA. The reason they are called essential fats is because the body cannot produce them but needs them: research has shown that when you boost your intake of these fats it has enormous health benefits, and what follows are what I believe to be the three main ones.

Inflammation - This is a process that continues in everybody and at one time people just linked with things like joint pain and arthritis inflammation; in fact inflammation has more serious consequences than that. It is now believed that inflammation is also at the core of things like strokes and heart disease: the reason for this is that generally most people have too high to level of omega 6 in their body. The DHA found in oily fish helps to lower this level and reduces inflammation.
Brain Health - It has been found that approximately sixty percent of the human brain is made up of fats: of that amount half again are DHA fats. What has been found is that people taking Omega 3 tablets high in DHA have better memory and concentration because they are feeding the brain what it needs to perform properly. Not only that, but research into it has found that increased levels of DHA help reduces things like mood swings and depression while taking it that children have ADD find that they have improved behavior. Further research has also found that enhanced levels of DHA can help with conditions such as Alzheimer's.
Cancer - There are certain types of cancer that can help against, namely omega3 colon, breast and prostate. The effectiveness against colon cancer was actually discovered when researchers looking into the effect of the Eskimo where diet and heart health. While they found that with taking a diet high in fatty fish the Eskimos had very little coronary disease, they also found there were very few cases of colon cancer either. The research into breast and prostate cancer is ongoing but early indications are very positive.

There are many more benefits to be had from taking Omega 3 tablets, and they include things such as being effective against diabetes, aiding fetal development, assisting with bowl conditions such as Crohn's disease and the list goes on. And while not everyone suffers from these conditions I am sure we all want to have a healthy heart, look after our brains and keep cancer at bay, and taking good quality omega3 tablets is probably our best chance of doing that.

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