Motorola Xoom is the hot new Tablet Android in the block

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Now that Apple has shown the way with the iPad, several other manufacturers are struggling to join the Tablet PC revolution with the release of their own products targeting this same sector of the computing market. One of such products highly publicized is the Motorola Xoom, which was announced in January and hit the streets on February 24.

A Tablet PC refers to a new type of laptop, exemplified by the Apple iPad. Smaller than a laptop or netbook, but larger than a smartphone, a Tablet PC is thought by many as the future of navigation on the internet on the go. Certainly seems to be true based on the runaway success of the iPad, so this explains the desire of others, in this case Motorola, into law.

The Motorola Xoom has attracted attention for being the first tablet PC based on the new version of 'Honeycomb' for the operating system Android. Honeycomb is the 3.0 version of Android, which is an open source OS pioneer of Google who has won a strong following among smartphone users. Compared to other incarnations of Android, Honeycomb is said to be optimized for use on a Tablet PC.

The Xoom is powered by a chip Nvidia Tegra 2.1 GHz dual-core CPU and comes equipped with 1 GB of RAM, along with 32 GB of flash memory for data storage. Additional data storage is possible through the use of Xoom SD card or USB 2.0 ports. Screen 10.1 inches of the device has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and supports HD video 1080p. It is also an HDMI port that allows connection to a TV.

In accordance with the idea that s Tabletmust share many of the features of smartphones, the Xoom has a camera. In fact, has two chambers: a 5-megapixel stills and cam video from the rear of the device, as well as a webcam in 2 megapixel front facing forward.

When it comes to internet connectivity, the Xoom buyers have two options. A version of the Xoom has 3 G connectivity, and this version of us buyers are obliged to take out a contract with Verizon. A second version of the device will come with Wi-Fi connectivity, but this is not due for release until later in 2011.

A serious disadvantage of the Apple iPad is that it cannot display web pages using Adobe Flash player, for example from YouTube. The Xoom is on the other hand, fully compatible with Flash. As you would expect given that Android is a creation of Google, the Xoom comes pre-installed with Google Chrome browser.

In common with the iPad and other devices, the Xoom not losing space on front panel with the hardware buttons. The entire front is occupied by the screen and text input is through a virtual keyboard on the screen that appears when it is necessary.

Based on the specification, the Motorola Xoom would seem to have a good chance to make some serious waves, but of course is fight both 'cool' factor of Apple and the fact that a souped up iPad 2 is under way, can give Apple the advantage again before long.

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