Kindle Fire - Color touchscreen Tablet

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The electronic reader and tablet market is set to welcome the Member to their family - The Amazon Kindle fire! Amazon not only designed but dropped a bomb with the announcement of the new Tablet PC. The large chancelleries however is Amazon dropped the price of the original Kindleand also added the new Touch Kindle and, of course, the Kindle fire.

In stepping up the game, many will agree was well worth the penalty pending, consumers have been asking where the Color Kindle is for some time. It came with vibrant color touch screen and extra wide viewing angle. The new Tablet PC is ready to make an impact, through prices, the hardware and the market. Kindle fire will be released on November 15, 2011. Orders are being taken now on a first come first served basis.

Amazon now has advanced in this market with their all new Amazon Kindle fire Tablet PC, which has a sleek design and all content of the Amazon behind it. Consumers will surely judge if it is the first real competitor to go against the iPad or if it is a completely different product. Other s Tabletcannot really compete with access to 18 millions of songs, books, applications, movies, TV shows, magazines and games.

The screen multi-touch improves Kindle'sdesign already easy putting full access to store large eBook and limited capacity literally in the hands of the exploration of web user. The exhibition of multi-effect of touch screen 7-inch IPS offers a maximum resolution of 1024 x 600 in 16 million colors. It's compact size is also easier to hold in one hand.

Kindle Fire has a dual core processor of art for fast and powerful performance. Previous models were more than only eBook readers and arrived in grayscale. However, it has gone beyond the scope and function of a standard e reader and is approaching the area of the iPad and other Tablet PCs. With one of its new features added now you can browse the web online. While there is no 3 G access on this device runs on WI-Fi. So that you always have a wireless connection, can browse and download content. There are also free cloud storage for all their content from Amazon.

While Amazon s based Android Kindle fire electronic wholesale Tablet already will tempt customers with its low price of $199 versus the $499-$ 829 for the iPad 2, online retailer is hoping to ensure that the price is not the only point that beat rivals Tablets. Amazon is able to offer bargain priced so because the device is linked to its ecosystem. This means that you will have direct access to buy e-books, music and movies in his catalogue of expansion. You can even expect sequences of films and television programs.

With Christmas holidays soon, makes a great gift for young and old.

If you want to learn more about this new device, visit Kindle fire and remove new features to make your choice.

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