Introduction to Tablet PC

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A tablet PC is a notebook PC in which the screen is a touch screen or a graphics Tablet hybrid. The main difference from a normal laptop is that the user can interact directly with the team simply by using a finger, instead of using the mouse or the keyboard. However a keyboard is in the majority of cases present, it is still much more comfortable to type on a keyboard, then, in a screen, due to lack of votes.


The standard size for a tablet PC is approximately 12 ", although larger there is, 12" is the standard that most tablet PC manufacturers have taken to. The main reason is due to the lower consumption of energy, smaller size and lighter weight. They usually run on 1200 x 800 resolution.

Software of

The most commonly used today is the edition of Windows XP Tablet PC from Microsoft, which is a superset of Windows XP Professional. There has been no any Tablet PC edition for Windows Vista, as it would probably be if it could get a new version, Windows 7. For Apple's Mac OS X implementation, Axiotron have released a modified version of the Macbook called Modbook. For Linux, there is ProGear by FrontPath and kiosk of Tabletthat runs on SUSE Linux.


Given that this technology Tablet PC is fairly recent, it is obvious that it is not easy to find a cheap tablet PC, however, can be bought for $1,000, up to $4,000 for more models high-end.


Lightweight - Portable
Easy usability in environments not conventional, such as standing or lying in bed
It can be used as a conventional laptop to save not character based on information such as diagrams

High cost
Writing by hand is considerably slower than writing on a keyboard
The screen has a greater risk of harm
Its size can also be a disadvantage, that not only the screen is smaller, the keyboard also

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