How is the Tablet PC?

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Tablet PC PC developed slowly over the years, beginning in 1960. Developers should be familiar with Microsoft tools.

The main addition in the field of the development of tablet PC includes Digital ink technology and other features that accompany it, such as recognition, management and the collection of ink. Some additional parameters include the operation of the screen in portrait mode and new user interface considerations.

Capabilities and opportunities

There is no difference between regular PCs and laptop computers. Even so, some users and developers considered firmly mobile teams running on Windows CE, which is far from being the case.

The first generation of Tablet PC runs on a special version of windows, also known as generation of Windows XP. It is usually a superset of Windows XP, which means that everything that offers Windows XP is available in Tablet PC. There are also PC specific components, such as Windows Journal, as well as components of the collection of Digital ink.

Development of the personal computer

Development for laptops no longer an unusual trade, and Tablet PC functionality moves into the mainstream with Windows Vista. In the United States, mobile teams have already started sales of desktop PCs.

A combination of these two facts indicates that every programmer must be aware of the ink enabled and mobile enabled scenarios as very few client applications are available that do not require consideration of any such environments already.

Ink support

Support for Digital ink is that the main feature of mobile users PCs. can simply write on the device using pencil, pencil special, recognized through the electromagnetic digitizer. The possibilities are very limited by imagination. The goal of mobile PCs is not only duplicate the experience of writing on paper, but also significantly improving every aspect of it by the addition of fidelity, functionality and additional features available in paper pads.

Mobile applications

One of the big markets available with this type of PC is applications. With all laptops, there is an application for any type of functionality that is desired. If you are looking for movie times, actually watching a movie, someone out there has developed an application around your needs. Application developers need to test your application, without the host PC, if you want your app to be ready around the PC release dates. The simulators are known to control the development of applications before launching an application.

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