Graphics tablets

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It is a device of entry which is predominantly used by graphic designers, architects and artist. It also allows teachers and instructors free of interactive whiteboards for personal use. It consists of a flat surface, in which a user can draw graphics using a special pen known as stylus. It is used, as a document is used with a pencil and is therefore preferred to a mouse that is quite difficult to control when it comes to drawing. But unlike a document, whatever a user draws on the surface of the Tablet appears on the screen of the computer connected to it.

A graphic Tablet PC is also known as a graphic from pad or pen tablet and it is widely used to write characters and symbols found on a standard keyboard as Chinese and Japanese characters. They are also used in technical drawing, they are used in schools and colleges and generally work with interactive whiteboards from the same brand. It is therefore advisable to buy Tablet PCs and slate both from the same manufacturer to avoid any incompatibility problem.

Following accessories are used with graphic Tablets: pencil draft of pencil, airbrush art, puck and Tablet PC mouse feathers. The draft of the stylus is a draft as the tip of the needle is used to remove the layers of an image. It can also be used as a selection tool or a particular brush. Pucks are used to accurately track diagrams.

Wacom, a Japanese company is one of the largest manufacturers of graphic s Tablet PCin the world. Some other companies that manufacture graphic tablets are 'interactive education' and 'promethean'.

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