eBook Reader or Tablet PC - which should choose?

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Many people do not seem to know what is the difference between an eBook reader and a tablet PC - and was hardly surprising. Many reviews online compare one against the other - the Kindle (eBook reader) versus the iPad (tablet PC) is a good example.

The fact that Amazon recently has expanded its family Kindle so it now includes eBook readers - Kindle 4, the touch of Kindle , the keyboard of the (formerly known as the Kindle 3) Kindle and Kindle DX - and a tablet PC - the fire of Kindle .

Barnes and Noble has also a reader of eBooks - Nook Simple Touch - Tablet PC - the Color of corner equipment and the corner under the banner of corner - Tablet . Also consider the fact that a computer tablet PC can be used to read eBooks and it is not surprising that people get confused. What is the difference when everything has been said and done?

An electronic book reader is a specialized device that serves to read e-books. Use a screen ink technology which is not backlit and therefore is much easier on the eyes. Reading on a screen e-ink is the closest thing to read text printed on paper, it is possible to obtain. Once you've been using a reader of eBooks for one or two hours later, as you are engrossed in a good book, you will be fully aware of what you are reading in an electronic device rather than browsing the pages of a novel pocket.

Another advantage of ink screens is the fact that only use energy to update the screen - "turn the page" if prefer you. This means that eBook readers have a battery of long duration - several weeks on a single charge is typical. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble call for a period of two months between charges to readers of its Kindle and Nook respectively. It is based on an average of thirty minutes reading a day.

On the negative side, the screens and ink refresh rate is slow compared to LCD screens. Makes surfing the web a little clunk to the best and makes totally inadequate eBook readers to view video.

Tablet PC, on the other hand, has displays full-color LCD that are illuminated. They are ideal for surfing the web and watch the video. The disadvantage of these devices is that can cause eyestrain if you read about them for long periods of time, use much more power - so wait last hours rather than weeks between charges and they cost a good do more than eBook readers.

So you should choose? Really depends on what you will use the device for. If you want to read mostly books, possibly with a little web browsing and e-mail tirado's strange in - but are not too concerned about video (or has other means to do so), then an electronic book reader is probably a good choice for you.

If you want to watch videos and browse the web much, and not is too preoccupied with a long-life battery, a tablet PC could be the right choice for you.

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