Coby Kyros 7 inch Android 2.3 4 GB Tablet MID7012 4 G

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Coby Kyros 7 inch Android 2.3 Internet Tablet has been designed from the outset to be an affordable Tablet PC without all the bells whistles and offered by higher-priced competition. In fact, if one is looking at this as an alternative to the Apple iPad or even fire Kindle then one will have to adjust expectations to the characteristics of the Coby.

It is an affordable way to Internet tablet offering connectivity WiFi 802.11 enabled, two modes WiFi recognizes it. Of done, if you like to this Tablet PC with your wireless router home interface, one will not have a difficult time because most routers supports 802.11 b or g. And if one plans to travel and use this device in points of connection wireless, Coby Kyros must be able to identify public hotspots that one can keep up with email and other information as messages from Facebook or YouTube videos.

In fact, one of the features that pushes Coby is its interconnection with social networks and not one disappointed because as a device that uses the Android operating system 2.3 v, one must have access to nearly 200,000 applications available that can be installed that you will allow access to social networking sites, including Google's circle, as well as Google Mail (Gmail) and Google Talk (Gtalk). You can also install a Facebook application and they have access to Facebook or Twitter messages, as well.

The presentation in the Coby is limited to 800 per 400, which means that you one can find a bit of tolerance in some screens that require higher resolution, however, for many uses of LCD, this resolution is more than adequate. It is also a unit more limited one expects as its maximum memory can be expanded up to 4 GB with a microSD card, in addition to integrated 256 MB of SDRAM DDR, which allows the basic operating system. If one is using an app from Amazon and the Aldiko eReader, one must be able to store more than enough reading material to stay happy.

However, to use store Getjar and integrated applications of Jar, one should be able to find good use an email application or one can find an application of email and text messaging good among the many available for Android devices. Interestingly, this is one of the first s of Tablet PCthat uses a polymer lithiu battery. This considerably increases the proportion of weight density power and means that one can run this device for quite some time before you need to recharge. In fact, if one looks at the automotive world, one will see that the lithium polymer information storage is being explored and used more and more by the automaker in the world, as away the limits of lithium ion and Nickel Metal hydride. Lithium polymer is an area whose surface has only been scratched.

In a way, makes the Coby an advanced device, although resistant touch screen sometimes need a pen to access to. However, for the majority of applications, a single finger can use to access an application. 7.7 By 4.7 inches 0.6 and 1.6 pounds the Coby isn't as light as other s of Tablet PCsin the market, and while it offers a standard USB 2.0 connection and 1 GHz processor speed, still is not to be an expensive device. It is meant to be an affordable /eReader tablet, something that happens admirably.

If one, as noted above, you are looking for an Apple iPad, then a visit to the Apple store is in order, but remember, one is to block oneself in the proprietary world of Apple for more money and less applications available. Yes, the iPad has more memory and is lighter and larger, but, as noted, the Coby never pretends to be anything different that is a good and basic Tablet for one who does not need all the bells and whistles of the more expensive brands.

Roberto Sedycias works as it consultant for ecommUS

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