Can you help to prevent bowel cancer taking fish oil pills?

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S of fish oil tabletscontain 2 essential fatty acids known as DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), which otherwise are known as essential omega-3 fatty acids. In the past 40 years, many studies have established the benefits of the fats omega 3 to many areas of health, including the health of our heart. Studies have also shown a link between the fish oil and fish oil and the prevention of prostate cancer, breast cancer prevention. However, there are studies showing that increasing intake of fish oil may help prevent bowel cancer.

A study on the benefits of increasing omega 3 fats intake in Scotland found that more DHA and EPA in the diet can help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by up to around 40 percent. Specifically, the study pointed out that the increase in the intake of DHA and EPA had achieved this result, but to increase the intake of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), an Omega-3 fat based on plants, they do not produce the same result.

Investigators found clear evidence that those with the higher intake of fish had a lower risk of bowel cancer and those with a low intake of fish had an increased risk of colon cancer.

Another study in the Netherlands combines the results of 14 studies on omega 3 and bowel cancer and found that the overall results showed that there was less risk of bowel cancer for those with the higher intake of fish and that it was possible to estimate the risk reduction according to the number of meals of fish foodeven a meal of fish per week produced an estimated 4 per cent reduction in the risk of colon cancer, which means meals for 2 fish week produced an estimated reduction of the risk of cancer of intestine around 8 percent.

The average intake levels of people in the United States fish is below would achieve these significant results to help prevent bowel cancer.

Of course it isn't true to say that eating more fish will prevent colorectal cancer, but it is probably fair to say that increasing the intake of essential fatty acids omega 3 is found in fish oil can be an important part of a diet to prevent cancer and it may appeal to a range of other benefits to health, including the reduction of the risk of death from heart problems associated withsubstantially.

The next question is how to achieve these benefits. In the United States which usually do not eat a lot of fish. The fish is very expensive and only certain types of fish have high levels of DHA and EPA. Combine this with the fact that most of the fish that we eat is contaminated to an extent with mercury and other nasty toxins and FDA advise at discretion to eat fish that is why it is fair to say substantially increase our intake of fish and weekly will be too expensive and they may have other problems.

However there are excellent fishoil Tablets available that overcome these problems. Fish oil Tablets are small capsules containing omega 3 fatty acids and the best fish oil Tablets are completely free from contamination and are much more profitable to take daily to increase the intake of fish.

However, not all oil fish all supplements are as good as others and need to be cared for by comparing with each other because there are large variations in the amounts of active ingredients found in different brands. You can compare directly the price of fish oil Tablets alone.

Seems clear from research that increase the intake of fatty acids omega 3 is a large part of staying healthy, including help prevent bowel cancer. And as all are eating fish too little we should all consider the daily supplementation with fish oil Tablets.

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