Best Tablet PC for 2012

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The Motorola XOOM is a powerful Tablet PC that offers almost all the traditional features of a desktop PC, but in a 10.1-inch Tablet PC that is only half an inch in thickness. I have the pleasure of supporting 3 of them at work now. So far, this would be my choice for best Tablet 2012.

Who makes it: Motorola

Price range: $380-$450 for the version only wi-fi. 3 G and 4 G XOOM can run as much as $800 depending on whether you sign up for a 2 year recruitment of data from a cell phone provider. This review is the only version of the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi (which is what I have worked with so far).

Is: East a hardcore Tablet PC. It has a lot of power and functions. It is perfectly adapted for home and corporate users that want the desktop experience right in the Palm of your hand, but if you are only trying to surf the internet and read some books more affordable Tablets there.

Motorola XOOM Hardware features

The XOOM is not playing when it comes to hardware. It is fleshy. Motorola is extracted in a processor nVidia Tegra 2 1 ghz dual-core, 1 GB of DDR2 Ram, 32 GB of internal storage and a battery of 10 hours (and that is 10 hours to really use the Tablet) Thats much energy for a Tablet PC.

Motorola does not skimp on wireless connectivity either. The XOOM comes with 802.11 N Wi-Fi and is also compatible with A, B and g signal types as well. Blue tooth is also included so you can use as headphone accessories or even connect it to your hands-free system azul-diente in his car (which is excellent for the performed turn by turn directions through the loudspeakers of the car).

The XOOM configures 5 "screens". Each of these screens can contain widgets and different applications. While this is not a big business in the corporate environment do share the XOOM at home with other people much easier. Speaking of widgets... you can add dozens of widgets on each home screen. These widgets are chart (for example, can scroll through emails in the email widget), stackable and now re-sizable!

Unlike the iPad, the XOOM fully supports Adobe Flash (v. 10.2), what not limited to see only half the sites on the Internet. You should know that flash content uses the battery almost twice as fast. So its 10 hours if browsing on the internet becomes 5 If you're Web sites rich in flash.

Multi-touch gestures are there too, for example, you can use 2 fingers pinch approach and expand (zoom out) any website, image or film.

Email address: can add many personal or corporate email accounts as you want. Our XOOM users here at work have Microsoft Exchange and gmail accounts configured in their XOOMs. So far it works perfectly.

XOOM is Multi-tasker. You can download music, files, watching a video or playing a game all at the same time, do not expect something finished. Tabbed web browsing is also available in the XOOM. It is like the desktop.

The Android Market gives you access to hundreds of thousands of Apps, games, books and much more. Some are free and some cost anywhere from $1-$ 5 (usually). Now, with the new version of Android 3.2 for the XOOM can also rent movies directly from the Android Market (and these are new movies as soon as they released on DVD). Google apps and technologies are found along the XOOM (and work seamlessly with the exception of Google Earth at this time). You can voice and video chat using Google talk (via a Wi-Fi connection) or pull up a map of Google 3D and get spoken by turn if it were walking or in your car.

Owner reviews: owner XOOM reading reviews

Is a comparison of side by side of top 4 android tablets for 2012 - best Tablet 2012

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