Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet Vs iPad3

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet has emerged as a new mobile Tablet that is great for productivity due to its ability to transform a powerful Tablet PC to a portable lightweight and mobile.

Transformer Tablet PCs is that they can use up to 10 hours without charge and then another 6-8 hours once it is plugged in the keyboard base that has its own battery.

Another interesting feature and excellent is that it is Adobe Flash ready, has a MicroSD card and also has an HDMI port for more functionality and accessibility as opposed to iPad 2 and possibly the iPad 3.

The platform is to run the Google android software and is prepared for an upgrade of "Ice Cream Sandwich" from the nest"Bee" is running. This system has been promoted as a system more flexible and robust than the ever popular King of proprietary software iOS for mobiles.

The real question is: is the Asus Eee Transformer Android Tablet PC one that will surpass the iPad 2 or iPad 3?

This is very subjective only rumors and speculations exist as to the features that you will find the new Tablet PCand iPad 3 it has yet to be released.

Finally, one must decide what is the most important use and the price they are comfortable in. Also, if or are not "Apple heads" and want to ease of use all Apple products have one with the other. In other words, if you have an iMac, iPhone and iPod, then it makes sense to consider the iPad first.

However, one must also consider the use of the devices. If they are doing much writing and require more battery Asus might be a better option and that includes the keyboard (bought for $150 additional). If simply they are waiting for a device to surf the internet, play music and read electronic books or it will do well.

Another consideration is the processor. Asus has a new processor quad-core Tegra, which is lightning fast and can play without problems and can also amount to lower power consumption that is capable of disabling nuclei is not in use.

Once again, it would be just speculation to say if or the iPad 3 will not have an equally strong at this time processor, but likely to have a greater power as this is a feature that is often updated with a possible new screen and the camera.

In conclusion, it is a difficult decision that we have to do to ensure that they end up with the right Tablet PC. Preference, cost and function are definitely things that I would consider when going to buy.

Have a look to the Tegra 3 Asus Transformer Tablet

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