Archos 43 Tablet Review

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The Archos 43 Internet Tablet comes in 8 GB or 16 GB versions, whichever one you prefer. It is a whopping 5.3 inches, putting it on the scale of to hybrid between to smartphone and a computer. It is so light yet strong and small enough to fit inside your shirt pocket for when you are out and about. You will be excited to know that after an Android Operating System version 2.2 update, the tablet works so much more faster! The video display screen is incredibly sharp - in fact it is a whole 32 percent larger than an iPhone.

What is arguably the best feature about this tablet is the fact that it supports Adobe Flash! Yes, to everyone's relief, there does exist an app with flash recognition capabilities. Ever since Apple announced its dogged determination to stay away from it, there have been inevitable uprisings of competitors similar building devices that have it. The Archos 43 is one of them and it works great. Basically with flash recognition, you will be able to surf, view and get the full functionality of any website, game, app, music or any other media application you should require. This alone clearly gives Archos 43 huge advantage over the Apple iPad 2 simply because so many sites out there still use it. This is not to say that Flash will be here forever. Flash is slowly but surely being deprecated throughout the net, but it will certainly not happen during the first year or two you have the Archos 43. So get this internet tablet and don't worry about a thing.

The built in camcorder lets you record events happening around you in high definition. And if that isn't enough, the built in HDMI connection lets you watch television and share all your recordings with your friends and family. The internet browsing experience on the Archos 43 using the Android platform is completely intuitive compared to other tablets who don't support flash. Barely the size of your palm, the Archos 43 gives you complete access to everything internet related with just one tap of the screen. This brings us to the next point about the screen protectors and skins. Make sure you invest in some of these so you can customize the look and feel of your device while protecting it from harmful scratches, scrapes and nicks and cracks. These extra Add-ons are actually a must have for Archos 43 owners, and when you get them, five or six months later you'll be glad you did!

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