Android Honeycomb: True Tablet OS

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When Google launched the Android 3.0 Honeycomb, was redefined the standard for the world of tablet OS models. In addition to providing optimum customization while it is still compatible with a wide range of third-party applications, the strategy of Google to take over the world tablet by storm really has become.

The company Android
Honeycomb Tablets are rapidly becoming the norm in the Tablet PC world with a range of manufactured products from manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola phones for Giants of technology such as Asus and Acer jumping on the bandwagon. Unlike other competitors of technology such as RIM and Apple are dependent only on hardware and OS models developed internally, Google has created a company of rica from its Android range of operating systems, which provide the right combination of flexibility and the potential to create a model of open source that should evolve quickly in a gold standard in the area of 3 G technology.

System specifications
Although Google claims that Honeycomb 3.0 does not have any specific hardware requirement, the general market consensus leans towards larger Tablet PC models compatible with Nvidia Tegra 2 processors. However, true to the initial claim of Google, Honeycomb remains supremely compatible with versions 7 and 10 inches with single core processor, as the HTC EVO 4 G. As operating system adjusted mainly towards Tablets and larger screens, it would be safe to assume that Android 3.0 is not a phone OS though Google promises in the future versions of smartphone operating system features.

Interface and screens
The interface Basic for most honeycomb Tablets remains essentially the same, unlike later releases of Android OS phones that often came with customized home screens and skin options, while custom skins are possible with Samsung and HTC releases. As you may notice in five different areas, the main home screens and app customization is easy with quick clicks to modify any icons preloaded app and enough space to reorganize and embellish as user like.

Although honeycomb somehow remain essentially pre-defined, widgets and customization options available at times overwhelming. News headlines and weather to the shortcuts for applications, email and browser bookmarks, you can even place contact links and playlists from media such as widgets. The initial home screen shows Google search fields, with both textual and voice input compatibility. Apart from home, back, and the application of switching icons, notifications for Wi-Fi and network support as well as statistics of the battery quick checks are always on screen.

The apps drawer is similar to a Blackberry screen with parent well-criminal of apps downloaded by the user can organize into groups as desired directly within the home screen. While the access of third app appears to be limited, its Honeycomb Android tab will come with different specific applications of the manufacturer, integrated and utilities preloaded with company-specific applications installed depending on the network that register.

Performance and the user experience
With integrated GPS navigation and support for Adobe Flash, Android 3.0 enhances the experience of the Tablet PC user with a robust and reliable interface. Honeycomb offers a web browser more rich, supported by its initial nucleus of WebKit that forms the backbone of most modern mobile navigation systems. Widgets are perhaps an inherent part of the strength of the honeycomb, as much as it is the heel of Achilles of the Android. Still, the level of configuration that brings Android Honeycomb is truly incomparable and not iPad is likely to get close to versatile, personalized adjustment of a Honeycomb sheet.

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