Why Tablet Computers Can Spell Doom For Desktop Computers?

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One thing can be said about Tablets: They came. They saw and they conquered. Yes, once there was the iPhone, the Blackberry and now it's the Tablet PC (iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab) that has taken the technology world by storm. Tablet PCs work as efficiently as desktops and they can accomplish much of the work that desktops do. In fact, experts have predicted that Tablet PCs will definitely overtake desktops and maybe laptops as well in the coming future. This is due to the fact that Tablets have many advantages over desktop computers and laptops.

Tablet PCs are very much mobile and you can carry them around wherever you want. They are also very light in weight and can be easily put into any small bag. On the other hand, desktops and laptops do not provide you with this option. Desktops can be used only at home/work place. However, laptops can be carried around too, but they aren't as light weight as compared to tablets.

Experts have gone to the extent of predicting that there might come a time when kids might take tablets to school! In fact it is already happening in some places. We think, this might also come true considering the fact that school-going kids also own mobile phones now. If this happens, parents will also be able to track where their kids are with the advanced technology in communication. Of course, desktops and laptops aren't capable of providing all these facilities, are they? In fact, tablet PCs are great for students because they will be useful in taking down notes in classes.

Not only to students, but Tablet PCs are a boon to businessmen too. They have all the applications that are required to conduct their business. Yet again, their mobility factor comes into play and businessmen can take these Tablets for meetings or seminars anywhere they want.

Many other professionals such as doctors, lawyers and professors too will find a Tablet very useful as it's a great option for jotting down notes as and when they want whereas this option isn't available with desktop computers.

Another factor that can spell doom for desktops is that Tablets are for those who need to work 'on the go', that is they also work while traveling. But desktops are for those who bring their work home.

Thus, these are a few reasons due to which they can spell doom for desktop computers.

The author writes on technology in magazine for women.

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