What would a Android Tablet offer than the iPad not?

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The iPad is a new tablet PC from Apple. While this is exciting news because previous tablet PC devices have been horrible, one could take your purchase for a bit. There are many Android based devices tablet which are soon to leave. These could provide some advantages.

Android has yet his welcome in the market square, but in a few years is practically the most popular operating system of your Smartphone will also be in s netbooks and Tablet PC. This means that you are working with a body of software that works together on several devices.

With an Android Tablet PC, you will have access to all this software anyone can create. One could argue that iPhone applications in the iPad from today means that there are hundreds of thousands of programs to run, but eventually with development open Android will surpass them. Permission from Apple is currently needed to offer an application. Google does not require permission to perform applications for Android.

Android will have advantages as Flash capabilities. It is true that the web as a whole is moving away from Flash so it could not be a point in a few years. But the idea is that in an open platform it is possible to use or not use the plugins you want. Under development by Apple will say what you get and that's it.

Android Tablet PCs will be less restrictive about the hardware and ports. Having a Tablet PC with a USB port is a great advantage because already it has drives flash, keyboards and other forms of media that work with him. The iPad does not offer these standard ports.

Although everything is speculation at this point, one must take into account the place of Tablet PC market term more and will look later in the year to get the best possible deal.

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