What is a Tablet PC?

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Tablet PC is the general term given to a more portable version of a laptop, usually one that can be held in the hands and operated using a touch screen. Until a year or two ago, the only tablet PC around where those who, like the XT Dell that was essentially a portable standard in terms of look, but allowed the screen to double back on itself, basically be just a touch screen and hide the keyboard.

However, recently tablet PCs have been coming to the market are known as "slates". This is due to its thickness of slate as (i.e. very thin!) and can still function similar to a laptop - by far the most famous of these is currently the new Apple iPad, but there are a lot of other rivals as the JooJoo.

Don't be fooled thinking that will get the same functionality of a PC Tablet as a laptop, however. Size of screen Tablet PCs and shale varies from about 8 inches to 12 inches, with a few to the extremities of any limit.

This range seems perfectly reasonable for the type of device, as it is; much smaller and the Tablet would be similar to a mobile phone, more and would be definitely worth having a keyboard and call it a laptop. With them being much smaller, there is little scope for large, powerful components and without hope of a powerful cooling system therefore the "technical specifications" of such devices is often phenomenal to - processors in tablet PC are generally on the mark of 1 GHz; some of the largest are dual core but expect to see the majority of slate tablet PC with single-core processors.

Most of the tablet PC is currently running a mobile version of a given system or diluted versions of complete operating systems (e.g., that of Apple iPad running a nearly identical to the iPhone operating system). This means that the compatible software will have to search for them.

In summary, these devices seem to be floating somewhere between mobile and portable phone occupying the place that netbooks used to have, why should someone want to? To be a tool of great productivity - its portable nature combined with a team relatively powerful means they are good to work with trains, in aircraft cabins - name!

A tablet PC is more powerful and easier to use than a cell phone, even much less bulky than a laptop.

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