Tablets, Tablet PC and eBook Readers - a revolution in Personal computing devices

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It is difficult to think of a world without s Tablet PCand smartphones both is hard to imagine how humanity survived before Facebook and orkut. The need of human beings interact with each other, the desire to know what's happening with the world and their friends at all times and the feeling of that am not alone in this world has been more or less satiated with these platforms. Previously, a simple phone call would do the trick, but it was not possible to stay in contact with many people who took part in our lives in the school, College, work and the market. Today, s, Smartphones and TableteBook readers have fulfilled this need greatly.

The evolution of Tablets was gradual with many false starts before the averiguado Tech experts what to do. The main person behind this revolution was that Steve Jobs with his now famous "i series" viz the iPod, iPhone and iPad. However, much credit must go to Amazon for your Kindle eBook reader and the ecosystem of books who developed that really kick started the E-lectura revolution. Others followed, but the honors go to the creators. However, with so many devices available, each one making a part of what the other could (you can read a book in the iPod or Smartphone, but the screen size is small or could make a phone on a Tablet PC/Tablet PC with a 3 G connection, surf the net and make your Office and staff work with ease) know what device to buy and what to buy became a big problem. ( Tablet PC, VS readers eBook helps you to make that decision) and buy these devices became a drain on the Pocket. Insanity has spread so much that now it is a distraction. Do only people buy the devices because they are so cool and make much, but no one asks the question, it becomes necessary that?. What the positive aspects of this revolution:-?

(a) persons are able to instantly connect with others.

(b) boredom levels have been reduced because you always have something to do.

(c) improve productivity if you are not distracted by it.

(d) good for technological developments and progress in ways more natural interaction devices.

(e) reduced use of paper.

The pitfalls

Economic hardship - people buy because its new and not because you need it. It definitely puts a pressure in his pocket.

(b) increase in crime - many cases currently treat theft devices and personal data from them.

(c) greater distraction - how many times have accidents occurred with any driver talking on the phone or a teenager hitting a pole, because it was updating his Facebook status.

(d) greater stress and ill health - people have become compulsive users - wake up mobile verification, your laptop /Tablet for the latest news and e-mail and other updates, and worst of all, continue working even when they're on vacation... what life!!


These devices improved our lives - Yes. They have hurt - I would say even more, the effects of technology can be debilitating. But they are here to stay and there is no escape from that fact. All that will do is used effectively and judiously and his master rather than let that technology to be our master.


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