Dell Streak Tablet a bridge between the net book and Smartphone

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After you create the solid rock in the market of PC and laptop, Dell has ventured in the smartphone segment. Premium Dell Streak Tablet PC was his first effort and as its name suggests, is a hybrid of a smartphone and a netbook. The powerful based on Android Tablet PC with a 5-inch touch screen is powered by Snapdragon 8250 processor Qualcomm for a perfect performance.

Designed in the line of iPad Tablet PC from Apple, a unique design attractive sports. It is large in size of 6 inches wide, 3.2 cm in height and 0.35 inches in thickness. Despite its large size, hardware capabilities as streak phone do much more functional. One thing to note is that it is still much smaller than the iPad Tablet PC from Apple. The quality of construction of the streak is solid, a quality that is inherent in Dell.

The 5-inch capacitive touch screen is covered in a Toba Gorilla Glass for durability. The rest of the body of the phone primarily made of good quality plastic which is also resistant from scratch for additional durability. Programmable keys, a headset, microphone and a front VGA camera front can be found at the edges. The top edge accommodates rocker volume, power button and the button for activating the camera. As the design offers easy to use wherever it is used.

Being the model insignia of Telefónica of Dell, Dell streak not to disappoint you all. Wrap in the processor performance without parallel, huge screen and high quality design. Dell streak ships with Android 1.6 installed. Support for 3 G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provides that an SUV in terms of connectivity concerns. As any other Smartphone offers a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash autofocus and a standard 3.5 mm headphones connector and a 30-pin connection port. In the battery compartment you will find a slot for SIM card with a memory card 16 GB microSD which comes free in the box.

An Android device is a delight for users that attends to the need for recording of the market of mobile applications. The Dell streak will allow you to access a wide range of applications from the Android Market. Accessible Web browser, phone, messaging, contacts, Gmail, camera, maps, YouTube, Android and Google search bar music player directly from the home screen. Video, photo and phone capabilities streak make stay separated from other Tablet PCs. You can make the text messages, video call, and loads of video and mobile photography as a phone. All together makes a device very easy to use and functional.

When we talk about the other side, your battery is not that great and the touch screen do not come with multi-touch capabilities. Also the distribution of on-screen keyboard is not very comfortable.

The good news is that Dell has released an updated version of Dell Streak. The streak operating system has been updated to Android 2.2 (Froyo) 1.6 and it has added support for Adobe Flash, Microsoft Exchange and Swype text input. The update has also increased its video resolution at 720 p, making it more interesting. Dell has released a device in the line of Apple iPad. Although the iPad stand out unprecedented in size and battery backup, compare Dell streak Tablet PC price that has the ability to give competition to it.

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