Could a Linux Tablet be a Netbook replacement?

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There are enough above the iPad already has launch, but is far from being a true replacement netbook because it lacks important features that are needed like multitasking, Flash and others. There is some s Tabletof Linux leaving some running tablet Android type device which could be better for those that could replace your netbook.

Currently, there is nothing wrong with the netbook market. Sales are down slightly but he is expected compared to the year when the devices were completely new. S Tablet, at least with what has been announced at CES, appear to be the next big thing. A Linux-based Tablet PCs offers some huge advantages over the iPad.

Firstly, you have control over the device. This means that you can install third-party applications, save files to the Tablet, a file manager, update when you want to and use your device as you see fit. This gives a user much more control over the device, which functions more as a team making it easier to replace a netbook from a netbook is a team.

USB ports are found in these new s Linux Tablet. This is necessary because hardware such as keyboards, mice, cameras, printers, backup drives, and others need USB ports to function. It would be risky to use an iPad with documents to not be with. A Linux Tablet will be allowed a user backup correctly and connect with the hardware via ports already widely accepted.

Linux Tablets already work with thousands of applications that people use on their computers. While the iPad will have iPhone and customized applications, nothing better than through the implementation of open source cross-platform working on a desktop, laptop, netbook and Tablet PC. This means that a user can use the same programs on any device.

While the iPad has its place in the world of electronics, it satisfies not only the netbook replacement, as well as a Linux Tablet would be.

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