BlackBerry Tablet OS para Blackberry Playbook

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In late September this year, Research in Motion announced the impending roll out of one of the most eagerly anticipated products of recent times: the Blackberry Playbook. This beautiful and powerful tablet device is all set to usher in a revolution in handheld tablet devices. With this launch will begin another episode of the ongoing battle for domination of the tablet market.

The Blackberry Playbook is a revolutionary new tablet that runs on the new Blackberry Tablet OS that is based on QNX. The main feature of this new operating system is its built-in versatility and support for true multi processing. In layperson terms, this means that the device is much more powerful and faster than other devices in its league.

In order to understand this, one must first understand what an operating system is. An operating system is the core software of a computing device. This software enables the device to carry out its basic functions which are analogous to the basic human functions of breathing, eating, and drinking. The way the operating system is built determines the operational characteristics of devices that run on it. How well or badly, or how fast or slowly a device performs, depends upon the architecture of the device's underlying operating system as well as upon the amount of random access memory (RAM) the device has access to.

In the case of the Blackberry Playbook, it has a whopping 1 GB of RAM, which gives it tremendous computing power. The operating system that the Blackberry Playbook runs on - the Blackberry Tablet OS - has been specifically designed for tablet devices. It is a great fit and combines very well with the Playbook, offering users the most complete multimedia experience possible on a tablet device. The combination of the high amount of RAM and a superb operating system allow much faster handling of large multimedia and video files, and electric fast processing of graphics, which results in fluid, smooth, vibrant and crisp video and image processing on the Blackberry Playbook's seven-inch touch screen, and prevent the device from freezing or hanging up.

Research in Motion, which has already garnered a dominant position in the business and enterprise market, is now poised to leverage the excitement and enthusiasm for this new device to consolidate its position even further. The Blackberry Playbook comes with full support for calendaring and email, as well as support for the Blackberry Enterprise server. This is a complete business package that can easily be extended into the non business sphere of life. Unlike in the past, where RIM's Blackberry devices, particularly the Smartphone, have been reputed for being business specific devices, the new Blackberry Playbook will provide the company with a double-edged sword that will mark its entry into the lay world.

Even though the Blackberry Playbook is a true technological wonder, it is remarkably reasonably priced. It would however be great to obtain a free Blackberry Playbook, and this is not as difficult is it sounds. You can obtain a free playbook online by a variety of means, such as entering a contest. Winning a free playbook is a great way to discover firsthand the wonderful features of this revolutionary device.

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