Archos 7 Tablet PC

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The most recent evolution in Archos Tablet PC is "Archos 9 PC Tablet PC". It really is the next evolution in the category of personal computing. It is the perfect blend of the power of a desktop computer with the feature of portability of a netbook with the brand of a portable multimedia is Archos.

You have an elegant display that is 9 "wide with the touchscreen function." This device of 29 oz can easily let you install any software with the help of Windows 7 and 60 GB unit. You can easily carry it in your bag or wallet, it is only. 67 inches in thickness. Also has the latest processor performance fast with a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom Z515 CPU.

Archos 9 PC Tablet much offers many features that are usually reserved for laptops. It was built in functions are 1.3MP webcam, stereo phone, Wi-Fi, a microphone and a wireless connection to the internet together with him. It also has the function of multi-tasking of Windows 7, in which one can run multiple applications simultaneously. A generation in kickstand allows the person of prop Archos tablet PC for viewing HD videos to hands free. Lotus Symphony is preinstalled in Archos 9 of easy creation and modification of documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Not only that, also offers Bluetooth connectivity. Just connect the Bluetooth keyboard to its ARCHOS9. It has 5 h battery keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It is completely true that cannot find any other tablet PC comprising much of multimedia and computing in a very compact space.

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