Android Tablet PC - Guide to buy a Slate PC

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A number of factors to consider when shopping Android tablet PC, includes size, OS, storage and connectivity. Here is a look at these and other factors to help you acquire the right Wi-Fi or 3 G tablet PC.


Range of equipment Android tablet 7 inch to 10-inch Slate PC 7 inch tablet PCs are more portable and ideal for children and students because you can easily carry in his backpack along with their textbooks. The 7 inch screen makes the devices better to read e-books to s of 10-inch tabletPCs because you can keep the device with one hand without the wrist fatigue.

10-inch tablet PCs are ideal for reading books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, watch movies and play. However, its size and relatively heavy weight makes it less portable than the 7-inch tablet PC.

Operating system

If you want to use the slate PC to see Web sites flash, the Wi ideal-Fi or 3 G Tablet PC is one that runs the Android operating system. Another touch tablet PCs are those that run Windows, Blackberry OS or Apple iOS. S of the Tabletfrom Apple does not support Flash Player, but offer a more extensive app store for Android tablet PC.

Storage of information

Most of the Android Tablet PC teams come with 8 Gb to 16 Gb of internal storage that can hold approximately 12,000 books. If you want additional information storage, can use a device of external storage as a unit USB flash or a microSD memory card to store its content.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to check that the touch tablet PC buying has support for these external storage devices before you buy. It is another way to store their content through the use of cloud storage. Cloud storage allows you to store the content that you are not using immediately online and download it when you need it.


If you want to that ubiquitous data connection, can invest in a Slate PC that has band broadband mobile 3 G or 4 G. Although it is more expensive to those who only have Wi-Fi Android tablet PC with 3 G or 4 G. They allow you to obtain coverage while traveling anywhere in the world.

A Wi-Fi only model need to be near a Wi-Fi point to connect. With companies such as AT & T continually growing its network of Wi-Fi access points. It is becoming increasingly easier to obtain the data transparently connection using Wi-Fi technology.

It is also important that when choosing Android tablet PC go for a device that supports the wireless interconnection short. A Slate PC with Bluetooth or EDR technology allows you to connect remotely your Wi-Fi or 3 G tablet PC to your laptop, mobile phone and any other device that supports these technologies.

Starts the search for a Slate PC by remove 3 upper Tablet PC teams and 7-inch & 10 inch Tablet PC Android teams.

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