Acer and Asustek to release new Tablet PC - fact or fiction?

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It seems that Acer and AsusTek, in order to compete with the ever increasing sales of Tablet PC, will be revealing a new line of Tablet PC this month of June. While these two leaders of manufacture of Netbooks are dominating the field of Netbook, it is speculated that Tablet PC will exceed the sales of Netbooks in the coming years, and these two companies are going to get their share of the cake.

The new Tablet PC by these manufacturers are scheduled to show at Computex show in the first week of June, said a source. However, Acer and AsusTek officials declined comment, unofficially reported that the new line of Tablet PC will be available in the third quarter of this year with a very competitive price.

Now, if this happens, the big question will be whether or not the quality of these products live to the high quality we have come to expect from these two great companies. -We expect without a doubt. As it seems that Acer and AsusTek have both have to dominate the netbook of notebook computers class and the quality of these products has been exceptional.

It is possible to Acer and AsusTek officials not to discuss on the topic, it is a kind of confirmation that are in fact planning to enter the field of Tablet PC with a product that can be competitive in price? -Once again, hope that as people feel more than satisfied with the quality of the line Netbook by these two companies were and would remain faithful to the companies they love.

If this is really going to happen or not, I guess everyone discover in June, so as to not say Acer and AsusTek, staff time.

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