Vizi Tablet 8 inch - quick look to an interesting and affordable device

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If you are a fan of the technology and would like to buy a beautiful, quick and reliable Tablet now, options are very numerous and likely to satisfy all your needs. However, devices such as the iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 or the Asus Eee Pad Transformer reach quite high prices, which may not be extended by all.

Geeks on a budget should nevertheless despair, because there are affordable Tablets that offer some specifications quite well in the market today. One of them is the Vizi 8 inch tablet, let's quickly review.

Design and visualization

Give the Vizi tabletthe key word is "cheap", probably not expect much in terms of design. However, we are pleased to tell you that the slate is a pretty amazing device when comes to the side, back looking especially chic and cool. Also, he weighs not much (1.2 pounds) and is quite thin, than doing portability of a problem.

The LCD touch screen capacitive for 8 inches is also pretty decent, offering a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and 4: 3 aspect ratio. It is not an IPS panel and do not offer large angles, but it is best that can be expected.

Software, storage and performance

While the design and screen are correct, the level of performance is not large. The Vizi tablet comes with a processor single core Ghz Marvell Armada 600 Series 1 and 512 MB of RAM, is not extraordinary. The Tablet offers a front to quite poor camera and no rear camera oriented, and looking things in software aren't much better.

The Vizi runs in the outdated Android gingerbread, and not on the Android Honeycomb, which makes a stable, but not very rewarding experience with a limited number of applications. Worse still they are looking for things in the space of storage of information, taking into account that the Vizi only comes with 2 GB of internal storage. This can be increased with an SD card micro, however.

Connectivity and prices

The Vizi offers compatibility with Bluetooth and WiFi, as well as HDMI, but no USB port, which is another drawback. However, in terms of prices, the Tablet is competitive, at least, is currently available in approximately 290 bucks.


8 Inch Tablet PC Vizi offers rather poor performance, functions of standard search and ports (without any USB port, though), inadequate storage and a mediocre touchscreen space. However, for its current price, you could not wait much longer and it might be quite satisfied overall with the value for money.

Mike is a fan of IT technology editor and real. He likes to write about any type of gadget that can put their hands, especially on tablets. This review of 8 inch Vizi tablet has been one of the easier has never written. Do you have any questions about this? Don't forget to ask them.

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