The truth about fish oil tablets

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Studies show that fish oil Tablets can reduce our risk of heart disease and some types of cancer, as well as provide many other health benefits. But not just any old fish oil Tablet will do. There are some problems that we face today. If supplements are not manufactured correctly, it could endanger our health.

Below, some of the problems will be poor manufacturing processes or species poor selection can cause.

Hypervitaminosis A

Basically, this means that an overdose of vitamin a. Vitamin a is essential for human health. Inadequate intake can cause a variety of health problems. However, the type found in fish and other animals livers retinol. The body can not get rid of him. It builds up in the bloodstream and becomes toxic. Fish oil Tablets that come from fish livers contain retinol.

Normally, the body produces its own vitamin a from beta carotene, found in a variety of plant foods. Beta carotene is toxic. Any excess in the diet is simply discarded.

Check the label of any Tablet PC fish oil before buying, to determine what other ingredients in the product. It should appear on the origin of the oil. People, especially pregnant women should not take cod liver oil, by the content of vitamin a. high doses of vitamin to can cause birth defects.

Radical damage free

If one oil fish Tablet contains oils that are rancid, it will also contain free radicals. The manufacturer must be able to provide a certificate of analysis which lists the total oxidation, has to do with the freshness of the oils before they encapsulate. Total oxidation must not exceed 17.

When taking fish oil Tablets makes a suspicious tasting burp, the cause is high levels of oxidation. While Omega 3 fatty acids have antioxidant activity in the body human, radicals in oxidized oils that counter this benefit. At least, it would be a waste of money. At worst, it might actually contribute to health problems. Radical damage free plays a role in cancer, heart disease and aging.

High blood pressure

If it is not proven fish Tablet purity oil, it could contain mercury. Mercury contributes to high blood pressure.

Normally, s fish oil Tablethelps lower pressure, improve circulation and reduce cholesterol. But if they contain pollutants such as mercury, then simply are not good for health. A certificate of analysis would also list the content of mercury. When it comes to mercury, the analysis must say "not detected".


Any oil of fish tablet may be accompanied by an increased risk of bleeding, because omega3s prevent clotting. Research indicates that there is no risk in doses of 2000-3000mg per day.

But anyone who is scheduled for surgery or already has a bleeding problem should be used with caution or consult your doctor.

Prevention of clotting is one of the many benefits of s Tabletof fish oil and the main reason why are recommended after a heart attack.

Just make sure you read the label carefully and check the Web site of the manufacturer for a certificate of analysis.

Visit my Web site for more information about how to choose the best product of fish oil on the market today and one personally use and recommend to keep your mind and body young and active with Omega 3 fish oil supplements.

Susan M. Taylor is a passionate advocate of preventive health care. He likes to share information about their research and educate the public about the many benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.

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