Tablet Asus EP121 - new Asus Eee Pad Review

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ASUS is a well-known manufacturer of ultra-portable netbooks. In addition, offer a range of products of presupuesto-amistoso as desktop and portable games. Recently this company entered the market of Tablet PC as well. During Computex 2010, were presented two models of tablet PCs called Eee PAD EP121 and EP101TC, as well as an electronic book reader. Continue reading this new review of Asus Eee Pad for more information.

Asus EP121 Tablet PC is a 12-inch model, making it one of the larger of the tablet PC sizes. According to the manufacturer, this EP121 Tablet PC will be sufficiently powerful to contest with portable equipment.
These are some of the specifications:
This model works with an Intel processor. The integration of two processor duo with ultra low voltage is offering an energy efficient product.
This device comes equipped with the full version of Windows 7 operating system.
The screen is designed with characteristics of touch with a resolution of 1366 768 p. There is a screen with 1080p/H.264, which allowed to decode acceleration.

Additional features:
With this gadget can get 2 mega pixels video camera offering minimum focal length of 10 cms.
There is a wireless connectivity that is sustained by 802.11 b, g, b. This also provides optional support for 3 G.
This tablet PC also includes a USB port, as well as flash support. Described by the company, this pc Tablet offers 10 hours of battery life.
Simple but elegant, this EP121 Tablet comes equipped with brushed aluminum housing. In spite of that 12-inch tablet is larger in size in comparison with others, this is still a fairly lightweight device.

Perhaps, the most notable feature of this Asus Eee Pad would be the docking keyboard. This modern docking station helps users separate the keyboard of the tablet PC. The base consists of Ethernet and USB connectivity.

It is obvious that Asus has much hope that this gadget. For them, this will support the multimedia functions, computer office as well as internet browsing. You can easily use this ASUS Eee Pad EP121 as a laptop or if it could remove the keyboard from the device and make use of the touch screen function, while sitting on the couch. The date of release for Eee PAD EP101TC is established in the first quarter of next year, but there is none for Eee Pad EP121 at this time.

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