¿Son consumidores listos para Tablet PC?

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With the announcement of the iPad, tablet computers are now being discussed again. There have been a variety of tablet or hand held computer devices over the years, but all of them have typically done poorly in the marketplace. Many have cost just as much as a laptop but have failed to provide improved performance and have failed to fill any niche. So, are consumers now ready for the new wave of tablet devices? Perhaps. But let's look at some of the reasons why the public may or may not be ready.

It is tough to know if the market is ready for these type of devices. Smart phones can do much of the needed quick applications like checking the web for some information, using maps, playing clips, and even reading articles. Many people who might buy tablet most likely already have a smart phone, which means that the chances of tablet device doing anything new for them is slim.

There are e-book readers that are similar to these tablets which could make to case that consumers may want a device like this. Many like these not because of their shape, but because of their functionality. With ink, it's very easy on the eyes compared to electronic to winning LCD display. Most e-book readers are the size of a book, but can't carry hundreds of e-books which simplifies something that people already carry. While tablet could act as an e-book reader, it would have to be as small as an e-book reader and priced about the same.

What needs to happen before tablet computing becomes the norm is that they have to offer some sort of functionality that is not already available on today's devices. So far, no device like this has shown to have a huge advantage over a phone, e-book reader, or even to netbook. Until these devices can be replaced properly by a tablet, it will be a difficult sell to get consumers to buy these devices. People have so many electronics options today that every device needs to have something that other devices do not offer.

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