A new Tablet from notion ink - Adam?

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Why should you want to do that is another question, but it is likely that the lighting conditions will sometimes be best display adapted to one or other of the alternatives.? It was shown at CES 2010, but still only has been given a temporary name: Adam properly. For those of you whom eReaders are the name of the game, also keep in mind that this is a Tablet PC ink and not an eReader per are. However, has some exciting features that pull the strings and press the buttons of someone who gets excited by innovation in this technology.

Pixel Qi technology is one of these interesting innovations that love to see working for the first time. Enable ePaper to see without full sun light reflections and then to switch low-watt regular LCD or a high definition screen. It is based on Android and offers a 10-inch screen of 1024 x 600 pixels.

The purpose of the display options of three is that ink and e-Paper display can be read in sunlight without problems of reflection, but you also have the option of a standard LCD show that if that's what you prefer - many do in reality, and the E-Ink screen is not as popular as many believe it is. The third option, a screen of trans-reflexiva of low-power, save on battery power and can be used when you want to conserve battery power and lighting conditions can read the screen without eyestrain.

The Tablet States that he is capable of playing a video of 1080 pixels for eight hours without recharging and one that can surf online for 16 hours. According to the notion, it is the only company that uses the screens of Qi with a Tablet PCand reduce battery consumption to around 10% of normal. But not only that, several accessories are offered as a 3 Meg camera, accelerometer, GPs and a digital compass. It also has speakers and a microphone, and integrated memory ranges from 16 to 32 concert, with a card slot SD if more is needed. Something similar was created by Fujitsu a year ago: as described in the article "E-paper 2.0 and Fujitsu has color," FLEPia readers and incorporates ground breaking colour e-paper from Fujitsu, flash memory card of 4 GB SD, screen XGA quality that supports 1024 X 768 and you can choose 8 or 4096 colors.

It is some mean machine, and although it is 'only' a Tablet PC, is extremely powerful with a price of around $325. Add to Bluetooth, WiFi and USB, HDMI and headphones connectors and you know that they are getting value for their money. It is possible to go further and mention its capacity to execute three streams 1080 with your beautiful profile (not everyone is worried about the specifications - love the look!) and will have to pay $325 without a single flickering.

Refrigerator or BeBook? Do forget unless you want a small eReader that little can be done.? This Tablet PC is exactly that: a Tablet than rocks and offers three ways to read his books, magazines and newspapers. If specifications you thrill, then this is 6.3 "x 9.8" x 0.6 ", a little thicker than some dedicated eReaders, but again, not much more." The chip is an nVidia TEGRA and is not difficult to lose sight of the fact that this is not a netbook computer.

It's like the ink of the notion of 'Adam' imposed by (only) slight doubts about the future of dedicated readers like the Kindle, the Nook and any Sony equivalents. However, until now, this Tablet PC, which is certain to take a massive block of the netbook market, not to compete directly with the aforementioned eReaders dedicated for a number of reasons, one that it was designed to be predominantly an eReader. However its ePaper technology allows savings in battery life and use of energy and reflections is lower, therefore, although the transreflective display option allows you to have a clear view of the direct sun light Fort.

Between the notion of ink, Pixel Qi paper technology and Google's Android application framework, we have here a Tablet that can truly be said be 'new' that combines the most important technology applied to the most modern and most sought after Board and eBook readers. It will be some time, however, before Tablets cannot compete with eReaders for the application of a specialist and the size and convenience of the use of these dedicated eBook readers, could never happen. At least, not using current technology.

Where will benefit this machine is with those seeking a small computer Tablet that will also allow them to read e-books and other publications, but for whom the eReader is not to your unique needs.

Framework Gustafsson is the author of articles on ebook readers, e-inc technology and e-books. Visit digital book readers to find more information and discover the new dimension of reading.

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