The innovative features of a Tablet PC

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For several decades since the invention of the personal computer manufacturers had been trying to develop a computer device that was as easy to use as a writing Tablet PC or slate. While laptops and laptops and Netbooks have come closest to that goal, never have been simple enough to use. On the contrary, they were portable versions of their desktop counterparts. The real Tablet PC never saw the light of day until after the turn of the century.

During the Decade, Microsoft has developed a product known as Microsoft Tablet PC. Although the device came close to being the first team always practical Tablet PC , really never took it off in the general consumer market. It had a small niche market such as hospitals and outdoor business needing a portable computer device that was practical and easy to use. However, was the Apple iPad released in 2010 that really made the Tablet PC a commercial success around the world.

Here are some innovative Tablet PC features:

Tablet PC Use of PC operating system derived from the mobile operating systems instead of using modified versions of a desktop operating system. This makes the extremely light Tablet in terms of use of resources such as memory space and computing power.

They come with touch sensitive screens and do not require input devices like a mouse or external keyboard. A virtual keyboard that allows users to write data. Touch screens have capacities multi-touch allowing gestures multi-touch as move two fingers diagonally over an image to enlarge it. These touch sensitive screens use capacitive touch technology and are more sensitive than resistant driven devices used in pencil screens.

It uses a version of the processor architecture of arm which was basically previously used in MP3 players and cellular phones. This gives the device a much longer battery life and portability. The architecture of the processor is powerful enough to support the work of light output, games and internet navigation.

Breaking with dependence on proprietary platforms from OS enabled Tablet PCs that third developers create countless applications for various different applications. Applications can be purchased and downloaded instantly and can greatly improve the functionality of the device.

Tablets using solid state storage drives that use memory flash rather than mechanical drives technology. This makes them much more robust and faster with 'instant-on' hot boot times.

After the release of the Apple iPad, many other manufacturers have taken the cue and with different versions of the Tablet. The future of mobile computing, is therefore extremely bright with the constant innovation of new features for the Tablet PC.

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