An EasyBook Tablet for a hard working environment

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Many of today's most successful tech devices have multiple and versatile applications. The need or simply the desire of an increasing number of consumers being connected is always a major force driving the market rapidly evolving mobile, smartphone and handheld.

The unprecedented growth of the touch screen PC is attributed to the number of applications specifically designed for the Tablet PC. According to market research more recent, the number of applications for desktops and laptops is about to be overcome by the tablet PC. In addition, it has been estimated that there has been a fall of 40 per cent from 2010 the number of those who say that the intention of buying a desktop or laptop in 2011.

Tablet PC manufacturers are developing their products to be highly adaptable to multiple work environments as diverse as the distribution retail and wholesale, environmental study, the architectural planning and medical research.

Laptops, as the EasyBook P9, which are designed specifically for portability and the robust performance of a rugged tablet PC, they are fully loaded only must adapt to the most demanding environments. There are few workspaces where fast Internet access and quick access to data and share are not forced by the manufacturers of the executive decision out in the field.

Possesses a high design specification means that this version of Tablet Paceblade transferred easily through multiple workplaces. From a routine adjustment inside for a variety of demanding environments to air free where its ' hard touch, IP51 nominal screen surface, will be essential to prevent dust and moisture from entering the Tablet PC casing.

Open to the elements and conditions of high sunlight, the 8.9 TFT LCD screen with a 1024 x 600 resolution range still provides the same quality of color, precision and smooth image of open-air keyboard on screen as you might expect in an Office environment. The P9 can be operated by a pen and typing on a screen, which can switch from vertical to mode of landscape by rotating the Tabletsimply live.

With multiple connectivity options for external drives to a monitor or a keyboard means users are no longer tied to their desks. An EasyBook is capable of being configured to individual requirements through the use of alternative disks, a deskstation, CMOS camera module and the channel 20 GPS. Functionality is handled by a processor atom 270, along with a 160 GB SaTa hard disk drive.

Laptops tablet PC manufacturers gradually increase their business applications support, profitability will also become increasingly more attractive. While sales and marketing have been early adopters, other key sector users are quickly reaching. are a professional equipment sales and support of a range of high quality Tablet PC equipment supplier and are the UK distributor for PaceBlade, products and services, movement and armor of computing as well as he teamed up with technology Web DT, JLT and Viliv.

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