Cheaper tablets are not always bad Gadgets

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I know that there is a tendency for people of cheap products, catalog as bad products. It is true that the majority of the time will get what it pays, but should also mean cheap affordable or value, which is something that consumers seem to be very interested in, especially when you are talking about the best cheap Tablets branded $200.

Since the introduction of the first Apple tablet, iPad, consumers bought without hesitation or looking for more affordable alternatives, do not see in an encouraging manner until recently, when Amazon launched its own 7-inch slate, with a complete philosophy, which sell their services after the sale of Tablet PC .

This is why Amazon could afford charge only 200 bucks of their Kindle fire Tablet, which means losing money on each item sold, but not sorry for them, as they will get every penny from the sale of apps, membership of Prime, Kindle books and each type of content that you can imagine.

So the Kindle fire is a good example where cheap does not equal bad. Now, if we are talking about your typical Android Tablet PC under 200 have to bear in mind that many of these products are not worth your attention. But how will I know that one is worthy of my account? These are the things you need to know or withdraw before making a purchase:

Check the version of the software: you need to have the latest (Android 4.0 ICS in this case) because these small manufacturers usually do updates, you get stuck with what you're buying
Check the screen: want that be capacitive multi touch support. A hardy model is cheaper, but will their interactions touch worse. It is not worth to save money here
Look for memory expansion options: the best affordable Android Tablet PCs save money on internal storage, so it is always a good option to collect something that comes with upgrade options via microSD or full-size SD card
Check user reviews: this is the final step, make sure you obtain any entry of the guys who bought the product already and used. It could pull in this way those products are not build to an adequate level. Too much plastic is never good

Bearing in mind these safe tips will be to choose a dignified affordable Google Android Tablet PC, without compromising too much. Do not expect iPad performance though, as you'll be disappointed. Always know what you're buying, this is my motto and you can keep away from surprises.

John papas is a frequent writer on AllTouchTablet, a site that speaks cheap affordable tablets, but it also covers the premium models. Check the website to get their dose of Tablet PC info.

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