What is the Best Selling Apple iPad Tablet?

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Many would think the 64gb 3G iPad tablet would be the best selling iPad tablet, but surprisingly it's not! According to our consumer statistics for the month of May 2010, the 16gb iPad Wi-Fi version was clearly the leader by a margin of 2 to 1 over the 64gb 3G version. Why? Well one obvious reason is the price point. The 16gb iPad has an introductory retail price of just $499 and this price has remained pretty stable among resellers. This is due to Apple's marketing plan. It appears that Apple manufactured an abundant supply of 16gb WI-Fi tablets which lead resellers, like the many vendors in eBay, to swoop them up and relist them in hopes of making vast returns. Well as it appears, the profits are not nearly what eBay sellers were hoping for. As it appears, many eBay retailers are all trying to cash out at the same time, thus flooding the market with 16gb iPads. This is in no way benefiting the resellers as it keeps the prices low, but it is definitely beneficial to the buyers, making it the most affordable and best selling iPad tablet right now. Buyers are able to purchase the 16gb iPad in most instances for exactly what they would pay online through Apple or at an Apple retail store location, but without the long anticipated waiting/shipping period. Paying a few extra dollars through eBay for shipping and forgoing the average 3-4 week waiting period from purchasing directly from Apple, is unquestionably the preference among consumers wanting to get this device in their hands.

The 32gb iPad tablet on the other hand is the least best selling iPad according to our statistical sales data. It appears that consumers either want an affordable new innovative gadget that's fits within a comfortable budget like the entry level iPad or they want all the gusto that the 64gb 3G has to offer. The 64gb 3G iPad tablet is the second best selling iPad tablet among consumers. The suggested retail price is $699 for the Wi-Fi version or an additional $130 for the 3G functionality, which brings the grand total to $829 + tax but that's only if you order it directly from the online Apple store or you're put on an Apple retail store waiting list. The waiting list can be up to 30 days and people want them now! This is why eBay resellers that are lucky enough to have a few in stock are now selling the 64gb 3G for a premium. In some cases consumers are paying up to $400 over the suggested retail price just to get their hands on one of these little babies.

Whether you purchase a 16gb or a 64gb (with or without 3G connectivity), you will be more than satisfied. Why? Unless you plan on turning your iPad into some type of super movie theater with tons of movies on it, I wouldn't be too concerned. This is why... the average downloadable application uses between 1kbps to 30mbps. There are a total of 1024mbps in 1gb. So, 16gb X 1024mbps = 16,400mbps of useable space. A 16gb iPad tablet that averages 30mbps per app would allow you up to 546 apps. Even the larger apps like Apple iWork only use 52.9 Mbps of space.

What about the issue of purchasing a Wi-Fi iPad (without 3G service) and regretting it later when you find yourself in areas without a Wi-Fi connection? Well, it looks like you're covered there too. It was just released that Verizon is jumping onboard with their version of a battery operated 3G-converter-to-Wi-Fi device. The Wi-Fi signal can then be picked up by your Wi-Fi iPad. Thus, giving it the ability to take an ordinary Wi-Fi iPad and instantly turn it in to a super iPad with 3G availability. Wow, a $499 iPad tablet with portable internet access! The only thing Verizon is going to have to work on is their traditional 2 year contract that is usually accompanied with their service plans and a monthly rate that can compete with AT&T's incredibly low $14.99 data plan. If they can over come those two obstacles, I believe they will do amazingly well. For more information about iPad tablets and the best place to purchase them, please see our author's box below.

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