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What is a tablet PC, how is different from a laptop computer and is the team for you?? To find the answer to these questions can have a look at the tablet PC?s and how.

Tablet PC PC was originally designed for the mobile equipment in the hands of people who work in the field. People use spent most of his time away from a desk and wouldn?t have access to a keyboard or a mouse. Users would do for entries via pencil or digitizer. Lightweight and portable for these types of equipment made character perfectly adapted to field technicians and health workers. These original models are known as slate Tablet PCs do its distinctive design in one piece. Any and all computer screen was locked in a small unit, usually 4 pounds or less. All units came with ports to connect an optional keyboard, mouse, CD-CD/DVD, printer, monitor or other peripherals. Choosing not to include all these peripherals computer manufacturers they could shave off pounds and significantly extend the life of the battery.

Many people were attracted to these new tablet PC?s but still wanted a traditional keyboard configuration. Manufacturers responded to the demand of consumers and the convertible tablet PC was born. A convertible tablet PC seeks a small laptop. Separate the monitor works exactly like a traditional laptop. The monitor is connected in special hinge that allows the swivel monitor, making it a very powerful tool for demonstrations and presentations for small clients. The monitor is also capable of pivoting completely around and lie envelope on top of the keyboard with the screen upwards. This gives the appearance of traditional slate tablet PC. Convertible tablet PC?s traditionally have a screen display bigger, harder, larger battery and other accessories. These extras make a much more powerful computing platform, but also making it heavier and more expensive.

A tablet PC is the PC right for you? The real question is how the portable computer you?re lifestyle has to be? Do you spend much time outside of a traditional Office environment? You need to use a computer to register or make notes while you?re walk or move from one place to another, if a tablet PC is the perfect choice for you? For sellers or businessmen who spend too much time traveling from a convertible Tablet PC it is probably an option much better. It gives them more power and more features, with a more traditional configuration of the equipment.

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