Tablet Punching Machines: Their Types and Uses

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Tablet making is a vast process that needs a lot of patient and involves a lot of machines. One of such machine is the tablet punching machines. Tablet punching machines are machines that are used for the process of punching tablets. These machines are mechanically innovative and are very classy. A tablet punching machine is a huge device which needs a lot of space to be stored. It contains two punches and one die. These machines can be electronic motor driven as well as hand-operated too.

Tablet punching machine also known a tablet press, tablet making machine, pill press machine or tablet compression machine is used to convert powder into tablets of continuous size and mass. This machine helps to give varied shapes various kinds of granular particles and materials. The machine is used to create tablets of numerous industries like Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Confectionery, Ayurvedic, Herbal, etc.

The tablet presses are used to give the tablets many shapes like round, capsule, oval or any other exceptional shape from granules. Due to its huge size and capacity it can create approx. 250,000 to more than 1,000,000 tablets in an hour's time.

There are two main types of tablet presses available in the market today:

Single Punch Press- A single press punch contains a one set of punch and die. It is a bench top press unit and is semi-portable. There are many different types of such presses available in the market. It can either be used by hand or mechanically to form a variety of materials. It has some adjustable features like the penetration, tablet width, and punch compression.

Rotary Press- a rotary press is used to press various kinds and shapes of tablets. These presses are heavier than the single punch presses and also include some latest technical advancement. There are various types of rotary tablet presses available in the market and are also custom-made as per the requirements. The parts of the rotary punch are replaceable on account of any damage. These machines cannot be hand used and thus needs power-driven assistance.

The demand of tablet punches and dies has grown a lot within time with the increase in the medicinal industry. India has become one of the chief exporters of such machines and is responsible for supplying to various countries across the globe.

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