Tablet Marketing

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How tablet usage could add leverage to your business's marketing revenue.

The marketing opportunities are increasing as technology develops. The introduction of tablets such as the iPad in 2010 have changed the way consumers receive advertising, as well as what they receive and when. This year, various other brands such as Android and Blackberry brought out their version of tablet technology and so far this new mobile method of accessing information seems to be very well received as a medium.

Great for Online Advertising

Tablet marketing falls into the bracket of Experiential Marketing. This type of marketing through a tablet extends the live experience and brand interactions with their online potential clients. With video being one of the most viewed mediums online, the tablet gains momentum in the advertising industry yet doesn't come close to replacing television. The reason for this is that films and sports are an experience that consumers like to view on a large screen. Tablets on the other hand are very much an ideal way for the user to become immersed in short clips, trailers and adverts.

Experiential Online Marketing

Consumers enjoy the hands on experience of using a tablet where the touch and viewing stimulations are more likely to trigger a higher conversion rate from a consumer into a client. Marketers would be thinking in a savvy, experimental way to incorporate tablet usage into how their client is going to be seeing their advertising. The tablet is very much an interactive device that will appeal to marketers and clients alike. Like with all new mediums, those marketers who make use of this form of reaching out to their market will benefit the most.

Tablet Marketing and Longevity

But will this novelty last as a sustainable medium for marketers to make use of? According to Alphawise CIO Survey, two thirds of companies will have adopted tablets onto their networks by the end of the year. China, the US and the UK are the fastest growing consumers of tablets and 90% of tablet owners have downloaded an Application to use on their device. Why the tablet will have sustainability is because it fills a gap in the market somewhere between smartphone, television and laptop; without replacing any of the latter and creating a brand new way of interaction with various forms of media.

Tablets Rejuvenate Outdated Industry

Tablets may even breathe life into the falling print media subscription rate. Spending time and money on a subscription for a print publication is something that is seen to be a popular activity on tablets due to the larger screen size. This means a longer amount of time will be spent on their tablets which for marketers mean more time to engage with potential clients.

More business revenue can be generated through apps and downloads. The most popular apps for download are games, music and books. A surge in authors promoting their books and launches online has proved to be very worth their while this year. Combining email marketing with tablet advertising seems like a very accessible and logical link to make, simply because it is so accessible. Advertising a product through email and social media, to watching an advert or a 360' promotional video of the product to the conversion to online shopping is all combined in a short, easy mobile step with a tablet.

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