Review of the Hanvon Rollick 0604 graphics tablet

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Is the Hanvon Rollick graphics tablet a better alternative to Wacom?

Reviewed by Henry Canizares.

Inexpensive battery-free pen tablet for carpal tunnel discomfort.

A few weeks ago I started to feel some discomfort in my right wrist that I believe was being caused by hour upon hour of clutching my computer’s mouse. I decided to search for another option to the mouse that might alleviate my carpal tunnel syndrome. During my search I considered many options such as a track ball mouse, a mouse that looks like a pen and a graphics or pen tablet.

A graphic designer friend recommended to me a graphics tablet, so I went online to look at some of the available brands. After reading many blogs and reviews, I realized that there are two graphic tablet technologies on the market: those with battery-operated pens and those with battery-free pens. I really didn’t want to deal with replacing batteries because I had previously owned several computer mice that used batteries. They were a pain because I had to replace the batteries often. I eventually narrowed my search to two brands — a pen tablet by Wacom from and one by Hanvon, available on

I ended up buying a small pen tablet from for $69.99 because the Wacom tablet’s price seemed a little steep. I decided to write a review about how this product works and helps me with my carpal tunnel problem.

Box opening experience

As you can see in the pictures, I think the presentation is standard in the market for this kind of product. I like that everything in the package is recyclable. The pen tablet is completely black and comes with pen stand, drivers, USB cable and software. I really like the design with a touch ring and two sensitive buttons for a keyboard shortcut setting.


The installation was simple and easy. I inserted the CD, and the installation prompt guided me through the process. After installation, I started using the tablet.

I have to admit that it was not easy to change the setting of the shortcut buttons. The touch ring was easy because it was ready to use for zooming in and out in graphic software and for scrolling up and down in MS Word and the Internet.

Handwriting aspect

Because I am new at using a pen tablet, it took me little longer to get used to it. I wish that it came with a tutorial on how to operate it. After a few days of using the writing mechanism, I can say that this is what I was looking for. I noticed that my wrist is now moving in many directions because the active area of the tablet mirrors the computer screen. Not only is my wrist moving right to left, but also rotating up and down. The pen has, without a doubt, helped with my carpal tunnel problems.

Also, I noticed that not only is my hand rotating in many directions but also my whole left and right arm are moving when I use the keyboard and the tablet combination.

Free Software Included

One huge advantage of using this product is that it not only alleviates my carpal tunnel syndrome, but it also increases my office productivity. The software that comes with it is exceptional. I am able to write anywhere on the screen, sign documents using PDF or MS office, and even send handwritten emails to my friends.

Technical aspects

I am not technically savvy, but I found these technical features from

Active Area(LxW): 6?×4? (152×101mm)
Tablet Size (LxWxH): 9.45?x9.37?x0.276? (240×238×7mm)
Pressure Level: 1024 Levels
Resolution: 2540 LPI
Max. Report Rate: 133 pps
Accuracy: ±0.5mm
Tilt Range: ±60°
Maximum Reading Height: 7mm
Induction Mode : Electromagnetic Induction
Interface: USB
Pen Weight: 10.5g
Pen Size: 10×138.4mm


I really don’t understand why people still use a mouse on a daily basis. I know that these pen tablet products are not easy to get used to. But after a few hours of practicing, I am extremely satisfied — not only with the brand, but also with its capabilities.

For only $69.99 and with no battery to replace, I really recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative to a using the traditional mouse. Regardless, it is a superb performer overall for graphics and office use.

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